研究员 L01课题组组长


Dr Jiafang Li

Associate Professor, Laboratory of Optical Physics, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


TEL: 010-82649340


Jiafang Li

Research areas

1)FIB-/EBL-assisted nano-kirigami

2)Development and application of 3D direct laser writing technology

3)Synthesis and application of metal nanoparticles and NIR PbSe quantum dots

1)Surface plasmon amplification with optical gain media

2)Emission control based on gold nanorods and its applications

3)Engineering and enhancing nonlinearities from metallic nanostructures

1)Emission control of NIR PbSe quantum dots with 3D photonic crystals

2)Photonic crystal based detectors


Education background


Working experience


Publications (selected)

Before 2010

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