研究员 L01课题组组长

Publications in 2006:
1. Optical properties of the direct-coupled Y-branch filters by using photonic crystal slabs, Jie Tian, Cheng Ren, Shuai Feng, Ya-Zhao Liu, Hai-Hua Tao, Zhi-Yuan Li, Bing-Ying Cheng, Dao-Zhong Zhang, and Ai-Zi Jin, Chin. Phys. 15, 2471-2475 (2006).

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3. Facile Synthesis of Gold-Silver Nanocages with Controllable Pores on the Surface, J. Chen, J. M. McLellan, A. Siekkinen, Y. Xiong, Z. Y. Li; and Y. Xia, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 128, 14776-14777 (2006).

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5. Transmission properties of dual-band cross-dipole fractal slit arrays for near- and mid-infrared wavelengths, Mei Sun, Rong-Juan Liu, Zhi-Yuan Li, Shuai Feng, Bing-Ying Cheng, Dao-Zhong Zhang, Haifang Yang, and Aizi Jin, Phys. Rev. B 74, 193404 (2006).

6. Formation of rectangularly shaped Pd/Au bimetallic nanorods: Evidence for competing growth of the Pd shell between the {110} and {100} side facets of Au nanorods, Yanjuan Xiang, Xiaochun Wu, Dongfang Liu, Xingyu Jiang, Weiguo Chu, Zhiyuan Li, Yuan Ma, Weiya Zhou, and Sishen Xia,Nano Letters 6, 2290-2294 (2006).

7. Poly(vinyl pyrrolidone): A Dual Functional Reductant and Stabilizer for the Facile Synthesis of Metal Nanoplates in Aqueous Solutions, Y. Xiong, I. Washio, J. Chen, H. Cai, Z.Y. Li, and Y. Xia, Langmuir 22, 8563-8570 (2006).

8. Gold Nanostructures: Engineering Their Plasmonic Properties for Biomedical Applications, Min Hu, Jingyi Chen, Zhi-Yuan Li, Leslie Au, Gregory V. Hartland, Xingde Li, Manuel Marquez, and Younan Xia,Chemical Society Review 35, 1084-1094 (2006). (Invited Tutoring Review Article)

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10. Effect of the subwavelength hole symmetry on the enhanced transmission through metallic film, Mei Sun, Jie Tian, Shou-Zhen Han, Zhi-Yuan Li, Bing-Ying Cheng, Dao-Zhong Zhang, Ai-Zi Jin, and Hai-Fang Yang, J. Appl. Phys. 100, 024320 (2006).


11. Optical Properties of Au-Ag Nanoboxes Studied by Single Nanoparticle Spectroscopy, Min Hu, Hristina Petrova, Andrew R. Sekkinen, Jingyi Chen, Joseph M. McLellan, Zhi-Yuan Li, Manuel Marquez, Xingde Li, Younan Xia, and Gregory V. Hartland, J. Phys. Chem. B 110, 19923-19928 (2006).

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17. Near-field imaging of a square-lattice metallic photonic-crystal slab at the second band, Shuai Feng, Zhi-Fang Feng, Mei Sun, Kun Ren, Cheng Ren, Zhi-Yuan Li, Bing-Ying Cheng, and Dao-Zhong Zhang, Chin. Phys. 15, 552-555 (2006).

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